My Camper Life Adventures.

I’m a story teller and I’d like to share with you my experiences building my tiny RV (I call my tiny camper van). I’m always making improvements which means some photos will be outdated but new blog will show changes.

As of December 2019

My van is a Chrysler Town and County Tour 2014. The vans living space about 4 feet x 8 inches, perfect to fit a piece of plywood as the bases for the vans modular build.

The height is around 43 – 47 inches depending on where your sitting. Not much room for anyone over 4 feet to stand, but enough for sitting down.


Kitchen sink

Stove for cooking.

Spice rack, stove, sink, folding desk. The switches, lights, uv blackout curtains are not installed in this photo.


This is a older photo. of the bed – office etc. The bed folds up to access storage underneath and access to the stowaway storage area.


Stowaway/storage in the front and back

Rear stowaway used for storage and recently my Chinese Diesel Heater install.

Tiny Office

This is my tiny office. Although things have changed, this is a simple setup. The office now has a TV
I’m a software engineer and needed dual screens to do my work. I’m using this Walmart 12 volt TV as a second monitor.


Off the Grid Power


Jackery Explorer 240 Inverter


Chinese Diesel Heater


I cut and painted PVC pipe.
The PVC pipe is wrapped in my custom curtains.
Entire living space lined with UV Energy Efficient blackout curtains

High output fan

I made this from a computer’s 12 volt fan.

Van Conversion

I converted my 2014 Town and Country into a “Camper Van” or “Tiny RV”.

I designed and built the following and will show you how I did it and why:

  1. Solar Power for off the grid continuous AC/DC power
  2. Black out curtains for privacy.
  3. Kitchen with running water, food storage, a single burner stove.
  4. Bathroom portable toilet.
  5. Bug screens.
  6. Folding bed with storage underneath
  7. Entertainment center with wifi
  8. Two storage compartments
  9. Office

Check it out.


My plans were to retire buy a new RV and enjoy the great outdoors.

As home prices continue to rise, so are RV costs. Millennial’s are being price out of the market and are buying RV’s, trucks and vans as their primary homes.

Because RV’s are rising in cost buy one became a mental challenge for me. Then I thought about my van. It’s paid off. It has a built-in inverter, TV’s, DVD players why don’t I use the van.

I decided to convert my van into a tiny camper or camper van. You can read about how I did it here on this website.